Established by Act of Parliament No. 22 of 1993

Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

The CIIN qualification for entry at the Certificate level are the same as the prescribed general requirements for Registrations and the Entry Standards.

However, the entry requirements for the higher level qualifications consist of "Record of Achievement" awarded upon completion of the required units of the Certificate level (for entry in the Diploma level) and completion of the required units of the Diploma level (for entry in the Advanced Diploma level), respectively.

These measures are in place to ensure that candidates study at a level that matches their ability, and recognise the fact that the higher level qualifications require a degree of prior knowledge, gained either through earlier study or work experience

Notwithstanding these requirements, Certificate and Diploma candidates may select an individual unit (subject) from a higher level qualification without meeting the entry requirements for the overall qualification in question. Therefore, Certificate candidates can select one unit from the Diploma while Diploma candidates can select one unit from the Advanced Diploma

It is important to note that candidates wishing to select more than one unit from a higher level qualification must first meet the entry requirements for the qualification in question.

Each of the three qualifications consists of a series of units, each of which caris a given number of credits. In the case of the Certificate, each unit has a value of 15 credits; Diploma units are worth 20 or 25 credits; and Advanced Diploma 30 or 35 credits each. (Credits differ according to the complexity and level of the qualification)

This approach has been adopted to ensure maximum flexibility, with candidates able to choose different units from the 41 currently available, subject to the compulsory unit requirements, within each qualification. This also provides access to the maximum range of units giving candidates, the ability to taior their learning activity to individual needs and job roles, and to prepare for further study at a higher level.

Measuring Progress

As progress is made, a "Record of Achievement" is awarded upon completion of each unit. Once the necessary credits have been accumulated, the full qualification is awarded.

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