Established by Act of Parliament No. 22 of 1993

Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria


We are here to build your career in insurance

The qualifications framework offered by the institute is designed to provide a clear path for those wishing to develop their careers in today’s insurance market. CIIN runs two diets in a year; April and October diets. Course materials are also sold at the secretariat of the insitute.
Candidates obtaining the Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma shall be eligible to be elected as members of the CIIN and be entitled to use the designations Cert CIIN, Dip CIIN and AIIN, respectively, on applying for and being inducted into the membership cadres. Holders are also required to comply with CIIN's Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) requirements for their career progression.

If you are in need of assistance, you can reach out to us via the Contact us page or send enquiries to [email protected], call 08172040917