Established by Act of Parliament No. 22 of 1993

Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria


Qualifications Benefits

The new qualifications of the Institute provide holders with a wide range of benefits. First, the qualifications confer on them, the valued designations: Cert. CIIN, Dip. CIIN and AIIN, respectively, upon induction. Other benefits include:

  1. Enhancement of career prospects by demonstrating commitment to self-development.
  2. Support of personalized learning programmes as candidates enjoy the flexibility in selecting the topics most appropriate to their role requirements.
  3. Possession of market-led qualifications which serve all sectors of the insurance industry and cater for all levels of knowledge and experience.
  4. Facilitating easy and free movement between disciplines and adaptation to statutory regulations as well as embracing key aspects of market practice.
  5. Engender a progressive qualification structure which operates much like building blocks.
  6. A flexible 'self-assembly' qualification content
  7. A values credit accumulation system which allows progress at different speeds.
  8. Portability of qualification as each level could be a terminal certification recognized for career progression.

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